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The Rise of the Pink Diamond in Fashion Jewellery

The Rise of the Pink Diamond in Fashion Jewellery Pink gemstones, and the pink diamond in particular, are everywhere on the high street this year and there is no question the pink diamond is the height of fashion. We trace the rise in popularity of these rare stones and discover the making of a perfect […]

The Art of the Sparkle image

The Art of the Sparkle What would a gemstone be without its distinctive sparkle? There are many qualities that create a beautiful precious stone but the one thing which is man-made is the sparkle. Lapidary, the art of cutting gemstones, is an ancient art which has transformed lumps of rock into coveted gems for centuries. […]

Why does Silver cause Fingers to go Green

Being green fingered is a desirable quality if you’re a keen gardener, but if you’re wearing jewellery? Not so much. The green staining from jewellery has often been associated with cheap or poor quality metals, but that isn’t the case. We’re myth busting this one today so you can dig out the jewellery you discarded […]


The Beauty of Laboratory Grown Precious Stones The natural gemstone industry is fraught with environmental, social and ethical problems. Mining of gemstones is a dirty business which can be dangerous for miners, not to mention some of the world’s largest deposits of gemstones are in conflict areas. Precious stones are also in scarce supply, which […]