Swarovski Crystal Mystery Necklace Bundle - 6 surprise Necklaces

Swarovski Crystal Mystery Necklace Bundle - 6 surprise Necklaces

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Genuine Swarovski Crystal Necklaces with 31 possible items in the selection pool. You will receive 6 Necklaces from the selection pool. All chains are plated brass and there is an option to upgrade to solid silver 18inch chains for just £14 extra.


All Necklaces come individually gift boxed. 


Details of the 31 items in the selection pool


Product 1: Swarovski Crystal 6000 Light Silk Colour Necklace 13x7mm

Product 2: Swarovski Crystal 6028 Silver Night Colour Necklace 18mm

Product 3: Swarovski Crystal 6913 Volcano Purple Colour Necklace 28mm

Product 4: Swarovski Crystal 6262 Amethyst Colour Necklace 17mm

Product 5: Swarovski Crystal 6748 Aquamarine Colour Necklace 14mm

Product 6: Swarovski Crystal 6228 Aurore Boreale Colour Necklace 18x18mm

Product 7: Swarovski Crystal 6714 Blue AB Colour Necklace 20mm

Product 8: Swarovski Crystal 6262 Light Pink Colour Necklace 17mm

Product 9: Swarovski Crystal 6262 Black Colour Necklace 17mm

Product 10: Swarovski Crystal 6262 Aquamarine Colour Necklace 17mm

Product 11: Swarovski Crystal 6262 Burnt Orange Colour Necklace 17mm

Product 12: Swarovski Crystal 6913 Silver Night Colour Necklace 28mm

Product 13: Swarovski Crystal 6913 Crystal Colour Necklace 28mm

Product 14: Swarovski Crystal 6913 Black Chrome Colour Necklace 28mm

Product 15: Swarovski Crystal 6919 Iridescent Green Key Necklace 30mm

Product 16: Swarovski Crystal 6919 Silver Night Key Necklace 30mm

Product 17: Swarovski Crystal 6919 Iridescent Orange Key Necklace 30mm

Product 18: Swarovski Crystal 6919 Iridescent Blue Key Necklace 30mm

Product 19: Swarovski Crystal 6911 Volcano Purple Oval Kapput 26mm

Product 20: Swarovski Crystal 6911 Golden Shadow Oval Kapput 26mm

Product 21: Swarovski Crystal 6911 Silver Night Oval Kapput 26mm

Product 22: Swarovski Crystal 6910 Golden Shadow Oval Kapput 26mm

Product 23: Swarovski Crystal 6910 Volcano Purple Oval Kapput 26mm

Product 24: Swarovski Crystal 6910 Silver Night Oval Kapput 26mm

Product 25: Swarovski Crystal 6911 Black Chrome Oval Kapput 26mm

Product 26: Swarovski Growing Crystal 6925 Crystal 36mm

Product 27: Swarovski Growing Crystal 6925 Crystal Aurore Boreale 36mm

Product 28: Swarovski Pave Pendant 181001 Crystal Aurore Boreale 14mm

Product 29: Swarovski Pave Pendant 181001 Crystal Black Boreale 14mm

Product 30: Swarovski Pave Pendant 181001 Emerald Green 14mm

Product 31: Swarovski Pave Pendant 181001 Light Sapphire 14mm

Note that the product selection process is entirely random. You are not guaranteed to receive any particular type of Swarovski Necklace style or colour but you will not receive duplicates. The minimum value of the products customers will receive, added together, is £124.95. There's a 100% chance that you receive goods that are equal to or greater than the amount you paid for the box.

The production of each piece of jewelry generally takes 2-4 business days.

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