The Rise of the Pink Diamond in Fashion Jewellery

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The Rise of the Pink Diamond in Fashion Jewellery

Pink gemstones, and the pink diamond in particular, are everywhere on the high street this year and there is no question the pink diamond is the height of fashion. We trace the rise in popularity of these rare stones and discover the making of a perfect fashion trend.

It’s often very difficult to truly understand the source of fashion trends. Who can really say why certain colours come into fashion in a particular season or why maxi dresses are now more fashionable than the mini dress?

The rise of the pink diamond as a must have fashion item has a clearer journey than most trends. So why have the pink stones ‘made it’?

Variety and Versatility
Pink diamonds are rarer and more sought after than the classic clear diamond. There are very few deposits of pink diamonds in the world and the mined diamonds are often small in size, so large pink diamonds are very, very rare.

However, they are very versatile and are popular in both fashion jewellery and ‘occasion’ jewellery such as engagement rings. A coloured diamond retains the ‘special’ quality of the traditional diamond but, because of its rarity, it is seen as more exclusive.

Pink gemstones are available in a range of colours and this variety makes them more versatile and attractive to a broader market. They are available in the highly fashionable pale pink to a brighter purple pink.

Celebrity endorsements
J-Lo’s 6 carat pink diamond engagement ring, given to her by Ben Affleck in 2002, was the very beginning of a celebrity trend to buy pink diamonds. Other celebrities developed a taste for the attractive gemstone, including Victoria Beckham whose husband bought her a pink diamond ring and Brittany Spears who included pink diamonds in her stunning costumes for her Las Vegas residency.

The pink gems have moved onto the red carpet and the catwalk, and into the glossy pages of Vogue and Vanity Fair. It was only a matter of time before the trend trickled down from high end fashion to the high street.

Coveted by the Uber Wealthy
Rare pink diamonds have been making news for several years as auction houses have sold the largest stones ever found to the global uber wealthy. In 2015 a 16 carat pink diamond sold for $28.5m and in 2016 a 15 carat pink diamond ring went for $31.6m. The most expensive pink diamond was a 24 carat stone which sold for $46.2m in 2010.

Coloured gemstones overall have become more and more sought after by the very rich. It is a well-worn path from the purchases of the rich and famous to the high street. Various consumer goods such as Crystal Champagne or Kelly Hoppen inspired interiors have shaped our buying behaviour.

2016’s must have Fashion Item
2016 is the year pink gemstones have been pushed from high end fashion onto the high street.

Whilst the beginnings of the trend can be traced back to 2002 and J-Lo’s engagement ring, its popularity has proliferated amongst the world’s richest and most famous global elite to filter down through to high end fashion.

Whilst pink diamonds remain the headline act, pink sapphires, rose quartz and pink garnets deliver the most exclusive of fashion trends to us all.

By Sharon Coleman

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