12.00 CTTW Brilliant Cut Clear Synthetic Sapphire Bracelet 18K Gold Plated

£34.99 £11.99

This huge 12.00 Carat Synthetic Sapphire Bracelet is an absolute showpiece, the Gems glisten incredibly, 40 in total all measuring 0.3 Carat, they are precisely set with immaculate precision. Finished in 18K Yellow Gold Plating with a secure fasten click clasp. Measures 19CM when closed. Comes in a Jewellery Box.

Understanding your Synthetic Sapphire Gem Stone: The Sapphire Gem has Synthetic materials that have essentially the same optical, physical and chemical properties as a naturally occurring counterpart. Corundum is a very hard, tough and stable mineral, it is the hardest mineral after Diamond. Scientifically it has Sapphire varieties and can be created to almost any colour with Blue being the most popular and valued.

Rhodium: This item is made from the precious white metal Rhodium. This is one of the rarest metals in the world. It is part of a group of elements referred to as the platinum group metals (PGMs) or platinum group elements (PGEs). Carefully look after rhodium jewellery to keep its fantastic, highly reflective white finish to enjoy this item’s beauty for years.