All our jewellery items where alloy is used will be plated with either of the following: Real 18 Carat Gold, 925 Sterling Silver or Rhodium. Any of our Jewellery may contain nickel, however these will be well below the Nickel Safety Regulations. The piece will be clearly hallmarked with which precious metal was used to plate it. If you suffer from any metal allergies we recommend that you wear the piece in smaller periods of time to keep any reaction at a minimum. All our pieces are plated several times with the precious metals to avoid any reactions or allergies however some skin types can be very sensitive, if you know that you have very sensitive skin or the person you are purchasing the piece for has very sensitive skin we recommend you do not purchase any jewellery that is plated with precious metals and only purchase solid gold/silver jewellery.

Should you experience any issues regarding reactions we can replace the items free of charge and free delivery, unfortunately we cannot offer a refund.